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Small Format Precision Laser Cutting Machine

High speed: environmental protection speed 60m/min, acceleration up to 1.5g</br> High precision: product contour accuracy IT7, mechanical repetitive positioning accuracy 2u m</br> Precision; customised laser process and automatic clamping</br> Energy saving: lowest power consumption 4Kw</br> Environmental protection: no exhaust gas, waste residue, waste water discharge

Trends in CNC Cutting Machines

With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the quality of cutting, precision requirements continue to improve, to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, with highly intelligent automatic cutting function requirements are also rising.

Current status of CNC cutting machines

After decades of development, CNC cutting machine in the cutting energy and CNC control system has made great progress in two aspects, cutting energy has been developed from a single flame energy cutting for a variety of energy (flame, plasma, laser, high-pressure water jet) cutting; CNC cutting machine control system has been developed from the initial simple functions, complex programming and input methods, the degree of automation to a low degree of development to have a complete function, intelligent, graphical, networked control; drive system from the stepping drive, analogue servo drive to today's all-digital servo drive.

What are the advantages of automated production?

Industrial automation increases productivity by generating greater output for a given labour input. Human workers cannot work for long hours without loss of accuracy. On the other hand, automated control systems are able to work for long hours without compromising on accuracy. Thus increasing productivity and efficiency per hour of labour input.

Cutting Precautions

(A) The performance of the equipment must be carefully checked before use to ensure the integrity of the components. (B) Power gate switch, saw blade tightness, saw blade guard or safety stopper for detailed inspection, the operating table must be stable, night operations should be sufficient lighting brightness. (C) Before use, open the main switch, no-load test run a few rounds, to be confirmed safe and sound before allowing the start. (D) Before operation, you must check whether the power supply is in line with the conventional rated 220VA voltage on the power tool, so as not to be wrongly connected to the 380VA power supply.

Reservoir management system

Reservoir management systems are a central part of modern reservoirs and an important part of their effectiveness. The operation of reservoir gates during floods is based on operating rules that do not cause disasters downstream.

Automation projects in thermal power plants

There are two forms of control: one is the computer output through the peripheral equipment to adjust the set value of the conventional analogue regulator to achieve supervisory control; the other is the computer output peripheral equipment to directly control the production process to achieve direct digital control.