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Putting people first, appointing people on merit, and maximizing their talents

Talent concept


Company adheres to the talent concept of "people-oriented"

The company's employment standards are: possessing innovative consciousness and continuous enterprising spirit
The competition mechanism of the company is: those who are capable are superior, those who are equal are inferior, and those who are mediocre are inferior
The company strives to do everything in its power to ensure that everyone fits their position and position.
The company is not only willing to retain people through treatment, but also through career and emotional retention

Talent concept

Recruitment Positions







lathe worker



Job responsibilities:

1. Complete production tasks assigned to the product or process on time;
2. Strictly follow the machine tool operating procedures and the requirements of the machine tool user manual when using the machine tool;
3. Strictly follow the process documents and drawings to process the workpiece, correctly fill out the process operation procedure sheet and other quality records;
4. Responsible for daily maintenance of machine tools;
5. In work, improve self level and provide suggestions for problems in the production process.

Job requirements:

1. Engaged in practical operation of conventional lathes/CNC lathes for many years, familiar with various material processing characteristics;
2. Experience in machining is preferred;
3. Be down-to-earth and hardworking.