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CONOVO is an interview
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CONOVO is an interview

We are serious in doing equipment. CONOVO is always on the road for innovation  .
Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development of the manufacturing industry. Since its establishment, CONOVO has adhered to the concept of innovation and development, market-oriented, and has been involved in strategic emerging fields such as new energy vehicles, energy conservation and environmental protection.
On the morning of May 29, 2018, CONOVO accepted an exclusive interview with Wujin TV for CNC. Product manager Zhang Jinghua highlighted the company's latest R&D equipment - high-speed high-precision laser cutting machine, which uses linear motor drive and micro-scale grating full-closed Servo control, 20 micron core fiber laser, truly high-speed and high-precision, providing a perfect solution for small-volume production proofing with high precision requirements. Currently, it is cooperating with listed companies such as Shenli Motor and Wolong Motor in China. Will expand to more areas of the market with a radiation approach.
As one of the company's key R&D projects, the five-axis linkage laser cutting machine tool pointed out that the five-axis linkage machine tool is not only used for laser cutting, welding, cladding and five-axis precision CNC machining centers. Our research and development goals are the high-end equipment that China needs. In the future, we will concentrate on research and development, break through the technical problems in the development of five-axis linkage laser cutting machine tools, and help transform and upgrade the equipment manufacturing industry. Become a powerful country to contribute to its own strength.