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CONOVO enters the CNC and the West Taihu Industry Fair comes to a successful conclusion.
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CONOVO enters the CNC and the West Taihu Industry Fair comes to a successful conclusion.

On May 18th, the 13th China Changzhou Advanced Manufacturing Technology Achievement Exhibition was grandly opened in Changzhou Science and Education City. More than 800 leading guests and experts and scholars from domestic and foreign political, economic research and research gathered here to gather together for innovation and seek common development. With the official launch of the “518 Exhibition”, “Changzhou Manufacturing, Equipment China”, the 6th Changzhou International Industrial Equipment Expo was officially kicked off at the Changzhou West Taihu International Expo Center. The exhibition always adheres to the focus on business results and integration. The market needs to promote the accumulation of scientific and technological innovation resources in Changzhou, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure; increase the scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, and create a top-level event in the industrial equipment industry based on “Changzhou, Sunan and Radiant Yangtze River”.




Since its establishment, CONOVO has been adhering to the research and development philosophy of “Scientific and Happy”, and is committed to the four core supporting technologies required for high-end CNC equipment and automation. The company relies on professional technical team and experts. The team of professors, combined with the real-time dynamics of the market, the newly developed high-speed high-precision laser cutting machine tool has become a highlight in the exhibition, causing everyone to stop. This product adopts advanced technology such as linear motor plus grating full-closed loop, automatic focusing and air conditioning, no matter in cutting speed and cutting precision, compared with ordinary laser cutting machine tools, the efficiency and quality are greatly improved, and truly achieve high speed and high performance. High precision", the products are mainly used in the new energy automobile industry, medical industry, precision cutting and other industries. At present, the company has already cooperated deeply with the listed companies such as Wolong Motor, Shenli Electric Motor and Jiangte Electric in the motor industry.


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I believe that through this exhibition, more users will be aware of the advanced products developed by Kele for CNC and using Kele for CNC. In the future, CONOVO will continue to break through and actively innovate for CNC, and contribute its strength to “Made in China 2025”.