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CONOVO Science,Happiness & Success

CONOVO is founded in 2014, founders are senior experts in the field of CNC equipment and automation, and have many years of research, development and management experience in SJTU, Philips, Googol and all that top-ranking research institutions and technology companies.




At the beginning of the company's establishment, CONOVO developed the CN-FC-N3015 planar fiber laser cutting machine. The system adopts the US core motion control module and the servo axis control mode adopts the analog torque closed-loop control mode to achieve high-speed and high-precision stable cutting. The transmission adopts zero-backlash synchronous belt and steel belt hybrid transmission mode. The high-speed and high-torque servo motor of Kollmorgen in the United States greatly reduces energy consumption, saves energy and reduces production cost of the enterprise. The laser cutting head is equipped with automatic standard. Focusing and regulating air, the moving parts of the machine tool are automatically filled with lubricating oil at regular intervals, and the electric control cabinet is equipped with electric special air conditioning, constant temperature and humidity, easy to operate and convenient to maintain.




In 2017, based on the traditional planar fiber laser cutting machine, the R&D team independently developed a high-speed and high-precision fiber laser cutting machine with its gantry structure design, linear motor drive, and micron. Level grating full-closed-loop servo control and 20μm core-diameter fiber laser, achieving 1.5g acceleration of 100m/min, cutting track accuracy less than 0.01mm, superior dynamic performance, stable fine cutting, and currently successfully used in new energy automotive industry, medical industry In the tire industry, tool saw blades and many other industries, we have reached a long-term deep cooperation consensus with leading companies in various industries such as Shenli Electric, Wolong Electric, Tianlong Saw, and Jiangte Group.

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The five-axis linkage laser cutting machine tool is the main research and development project of CONOVO for CNC. It combines two high-tech technologies of five-axis CNC machine tool technology and advanced laser technology. It adopts point-to-point double-swing head, special machine CAM software, special machine five-axis CNC system and so on. A series of innovative technologies to achieve the fooling of the processing parameters, complete the perfect cutting of three-dimensional sheet metal.



For the CNC, we adhere to the technology and products as the starting point, and provide high-cost-effective, optimized and convenient automation core equipment for the manufacturing industry. In the future, CONOVO will continue to make breakthroughs and actively innovate for CNC, and contribute its strength to “Made in China 2025”. Helping the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing.