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Company Profile

CONOVO is founded in 2014, founders are senior experts in the field of CNC equipment and automation, and have many years of research, development and management experience in SJTU, Philips, Googol and all that top-ranking research institutions and technology companies.


As a national high-tech enterprises, company is always guided by the interpretation of the "people-oriented", and continuously assemble a number of elites in the field of CNC equipment and automation. Since the establishment of the company, we are guided by the interpretation of " Science,Happiness & Success", and work on four core support technologies of high-end CNC equipment and automation: Design and optimization of precision mechanical transmission, Numerical control and servo technology, CAD/CAM software and Processing technology. 


The products developed and sold by the company: 2D fiber laser cutting equipment, 3D five-axis laser cutting equipment, precision laser cutting equipment, man-machine interactive robot in the field of automation integration applications. Company sticks to technology and products as its starting point, and provides core automation equipment of high cost-effective, optimized and convenient for the manufacturing industry.